About Us

Taraxca is a privately owned company located in Vancouver, B.C, Canada. Our designs follow a rule of simplicity: natural shapes and figures handcrafted into pieces of stunning beauty suitable for all ages and discerning tastes. We take pride in our jewellery and guarantee the quality of every piece.

What is sterling silver?
Since pure silver is too soft to fabricate into jewellery, the alloy sterling silver is the material of choice for artisans working with this precious metal. Sterling silver refers to the fact that the metal used for the jewellery is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper or cadium. The use of this alloy ultimately allows the jewellery to retain it strength and form.

Is there any nickel in the jewellery?
All of our sterling silver is nickel free. Thus, people who are sensitive to metals should have NO allergies or problems with any of our pieces.

Where does the jewellery come from?
Taraxca's jewellery is both designed and produced locally, in British Columbia, Canada and by various artisans abroad. Our impressive collection includes pieces made in Canada, Central and South America, Europe, South-East Asia and the Carribean.

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Taraxca Imports Ltd. and Taraxca Sterling Silver are proudly Canadian companies based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our goal is to have every client completely satisfied with their purchase and our product.

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