Liquid Silver - Wear & Care

Congratulations on your newly purchased or received Liquid Silver item! This beautiful collection is one of our most popular (and a favourites among our staff, too)!

SO, WHAT IS IT? Liquid Silver is comprised of tiny Sterling Silver beads threaded onto Nylon strings. The Nylon gives it a huge amount of strength and flexibility, allowing you to tie it in knots, twist it up, or hang large pendants on it! It really is one of the most versatile pieces you could add to your collection!

CARE: Liquid Silver Care is slightly different from other Silver, because of the way it is made. Silver Cleaning Dips must be avoided, as the ‘dip’ gets inside the beads, and is difficult to rinse out, so the moisture and chemicals get trapped and can damage the nylon and cause the silver to tarnish badly. Only use a Polishing Cloth or dry Baking Soda for Liquid Silver cleaning.

One great thing about Liquid Silver care is that you will find it tarnishes very little if it is worn once in awhile! While it is being worn, the little beads are all in contact with your skin or clothes throughout the day, and self-polish because they are always sitting at different angles and moving around! Only wear your Liquid Silver for special occasions? Enclose it in a sealable sandwich bag to prevent airflow, thus slowing the tarnishing process!



Curious how to wear your new Liquid Silver necklace? Here are some ideas!