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Taraxca Jewellery was launched in 2005 by Hector and Melissa Aragon - but let's go back before Taraxca and see where it all started...

Hector Aragon and Melissa Lunstead were both active young adventurers, and met by complete chance while traveling overseas. During their travels, they spent together what could have easily been a dream honeymoon - all before they ever imagined spending their lives together. They climbed to the base camp of Everest, adventured through Nepal, they even got lost along the way! After their travels, they had to adapt their relationship to reality, as Hector returned to Mexico and Melissa to Canada. Melissa was studying to become a doctor, so she was very busy, and Hector was working in Mexico to pay off his own University degree.

During one visit to Mexico, Melissa was awed by the stunning silver jewellery being crafted by the many artisans in Mexico - this kind of beautiful craftsmanship was not available at home in Victoria, and surely people would love the opportunity to have unique jewellery such as this. Seeing this potential, Hector and Melissa put together all they could spare - about $300 - to import a small amount of the jewellery to bring back to Canada.

The response was even more positive than they had imagined; they quickly sold all of the stunning jewellery they had purchased! Hector and Melissa saw this as an opportunity to build a foundation for themselves; a foundation that would allow them the income they needed to start a life together, and support Melissa while she finished her degree.

That's right - this company was started with $300 and an immeasurable amount of love.

It was not all uphill from there; Hector and Melissa had to put in a lot of hours, and a lot of hard days to make it work. Gradually, they began to build a plan for their business, and after many tiring years, they proudly launched Taraxca Jewellery.

From there, Taraxca Jewellery has broadened its collections to include beautiful silver and gemstone jewellery from around the world, including many locals. Taraxca has since expanded to several locations in the Vancouver area, and is committed to providing unique, quality Sterling Silver jewellery to Vancouver and beyond! 

In 2014, Hector and Melissa also launched a subsidiary of Taraxca Jewellery called IMPRESSIVE. This features a unique line of customizable keepsake jewellery, and is all handcrafted in-house in Vancouver, Canada. 

IMPRESSIVE was launched with the purpose of creating lasting keepsakes from fleeting memories. IMPRESSIVE allows the client to encapsulate a moment in time, and create something concrete and beautiful to be cherished forever. Now, being parents, Hector and Melissa understand the importance of embracing and cherishing the early memories of their children's lives, and want to provide that opportunity to every one of their family, friends, and clients. Even through this portion of the business' growth, both of them were very hands-on, going through many tiring days of research and trials to find the perfect way to accurately replicate handprints, footprints, fingerprints, or even paw prints for this unique line of jewellery. 

Learn more here: www.iloveimpressive.com