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Y2 - Pendant Ammolite and Mammoth ivory

Y2 - Pendant Ammolite and Mammoth ivory

Each "Mammoth Ivory Impressions" pendant is uniquely handcrafted by Canadian artist Aryn Bowers.
Aryn uses ivory sourced from the Klondike mining area of the Yukon Territory, and Ammolite sourced from Alberta - all Canadian materials!
An ancestor of the modern elephant, the extinct Woolly Mammoth roamed aroubnd in herds about 11,000 years ago! A recent dramatic increase in elephant poaching makes it more important than ever to support ethical aternatives.
Please note: because these are handcrafted, no two are identical. They may vary slightly from the photo shown but the approximate shape, size, and design will be as close as possible.
If you would like to see exactly the piece we have on hand, you can request a photo before your order is shipped. Simply state this in the 'comments' section when placing your order, and we'll confirm the piece with you before shipping.
CAN $275.00
Material Sterling Silver .925
Color Multicolor
Stone Mammoth Ivory and Ammolite
Size 2x5cm
Finish Polished
Color / Size
Chain Length
PAC-380, Steel Dog Tag Lg, Engravable SACRED SHAWL HUMMINGBIRD ERYA-09 - Earrings e design STR-308 - Ring Steel CZ Infinity (Thick)
CAN $39.00
CAN $39.99
CAN $45.00
CAN $45.00
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