PL-20X20- Necklace liquid silver 20x20"

PL-20X20- Necklace liquid silver 20x20"

The 10x20" Liquid Silver Necklace is long enough to be tied in loose knots or worn free and silky. The 20" length is slightly longer than an average chain, which is typically 18", so it will sit perfectly if you are quite tall or prefer your necklaces on the slightly longer side.

Idea for brides-to-be: A bold 20, 50, or 100 strand liquid silver necklace for youself, and more understated 5 or 10 strand necklaces for the bridesmaids makes a stunning group!

Length: 20”

Number of strands: 20

Material: Sterling silver .925, 100% free of nickel.

CAN $350.00
SKU PL-20X20
Material Sterling Silver .925
Color Silver
Size 20 inches long with 20 strands
Finish Liquid Silver